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Principal Chiropractor

Dr. Stella Parissis graduated from University in 1994.  She completed a five year Bachelor of Applied Science in Chiropractic.
Stella has continued to study extensively the role of the brain and nervous system.  Her expertise in this area allows her to support patients in many varied situations ranging from spinal problems to improved vitality.  As a result, her work involves the total person, with as many different facets as possible.
Stella is a member of a number of professional bodies including the Chiropractors' Association of Australia and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.  She is committed to her ongoing professional development through continued study and courses.
Stella's vision for chiropractic is that everyone, no matter what age, will come to experience and understand the benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle -  that is, the feeling of health and wellbeing received from regular adjustments to the spine and the empowerment to make wise health care decisions.
Stella has a special interest in family care and promotes chiropractic care during pregnancy and infancy.  Her own personal experience with chiropractic care particularly during her pregnancies and positive birth experiences allows her to speak passionately about the importance of chiropractic in this area as well as the need for regular adjustments throughout our lifetime.
Many different conditions are managed at this clinic across all age groups, and therefore many different chiropractic techniques are utilized to achieve the patient's health goals. These include traditional manual techniques (such as Gonstead and Diversified) and low force technique approaches which include S.O.T.(Sacral Occipital Technique) and Activator Methods.
Associate Chiropractor
Dr Nick Gentile
Dr Nick Gentile has been in practice since 2011.  He is passionate about creating lasting health change through chiropractic and patient education.  Nick runs regular workshops both in the practice and at various community groups in the area.  As well as a Bachelor and Master of Clinical Chiropractic, he also holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a major in Ergonomics.  When not adjusting, you are most likely to find Nick either at CrossFitt or watching one of his beloved football teams!